GstarCAD 2022 Standard /Perpetual wins the Star Award at ARCHIDEX Online --- the official digital platform of ARCHIDEX, which boasts 21 years’ successful history as Malaysia’s most established trade event and exhibition for the architecture, interior design, and building industry.

Award-winning product --- GstarCAD 2022 Standard/Perpetual

The ARCHIDEX Star Award celebrates excellence in product design in the architecture, interior design and building industry. And our product GstarCAD 2022 Standard/Perpetual, submitted by our partner in Malaysia NEOFAME, has lived up to the expectations and won this special award. 

GstarCAD 2022 --- Efficient Design & Accurate Plotting

GstarCAD 2022 has new features and critical enhancements on plotting, PDF files, raster images, dimensioning and so on to boost productivity.

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