Mass Move Effect (NEW!)

Animating objects in Lumion is one of its many strengths. It adds life to your films and it’s easy to animate single objects. In Lumion 5.0, a big step has been taken to make multiple objects easy to animate, using the Path Move effect. Simply draw a line in your scene and watch the objects close to that line move at the speed and in the direction you define. Very easy and very fast.

This effect combined with the new Line Placement enables fast and simple animation of traffic moving along roads. For example, multi-lane traffic moving along a wide road at different speeds should take just a few clicks. Similarly, creating crowds of people walking in different directions is fast and simple to realise.


100 Photos

Lumion 5.0 has an expanded capacity for still images. Now it’s 100 photos; a great improvement on Lumion 4.5, which could hold 10 photos. This possibility leads to an improved workflow in making still shots. You can now take effectively as many as you like, without deleting any before deciding to render the ones you want.


Multiple Movie Clip Sequences

Different stakeholders often have different visualization needs. For example, one stakeholder might need a more conceptual and artistic look, while another might require something more technical. In Lumion 5, creating multiple movies for the scene you have created will be easy to achieve and manage. You can make up to 10 movies for a single scene.

Five Render Quality Options

Being able to choose from five render options allows to find the balance between quality and speed in your workflow. If you want the highest quality in your final video presentation, then choose 5 star. When the time pressure is on, you can choose a 4 or 3 star with a very small compromise on quality but a greatly reduced waiting time: either 50% or 75% render time reduction. So, if you only have a half-hour to render your film, click on the 3 star option and you'll get a great quality movie, on time!


Faster Rendering

Render time is crucially important in the visualization workflow. Due to detailed improvements in the rendering engine, Lumion 5 renders even faster than previously. Tests have delivered render time reductions of typically 20% to 90% for images and animations of the same quality on the same hardware. This is quite staggering, considering that Lumion was already the fastest architectural rendering option available anywhere.

Workflow - Specifications

Lumion Workflow

Description Lumion® Lumion® Pro
  Standard version of Lumion with most features and some content. Ideal for freelancers and small companies. Professional version of Lumion with all features and content. The optimal solution for professional visualization studios.
Scene editor
  • Easy model placement
  • Intuitive material editing
  • Landscape editing and rendering
  • Advanced sky and cloud rendering
  • Realistic water rendering
20 Scene Layers
Movie editor
  • Intuitive camera animation editor
  • Animated models
  • Sun/sky animations
  • Add title screens, scene and post processor effects
  • 3D output for side-by-side stereoscopic 3D playback
  • Animation import (move/rotate/scale animations via FBX files)
  • Advanced animation (Curved animations, multiple keyframes)
  • Animated cross section
  • Sky Drop effect
Background rendering mode
Custom terrain material sets
Custom terrain texture import
Exchange of project files for team use  
Merge project files for team use  


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