Lumion 6 - New Effect, New Technologies

PureGlass® and Speedray™ Reflections





Water Reflections (NEW!)

Lumion 5 includes the possibility to add plane reflections from water, instead of the previous cube reflections. This adds even more realism to the already highly realistic and evocative water available in Lumion.

Motion Blur

Motion blur is an artistic tool as well as a way of adding realism to fast moving objects as it is one of the effects of filming with a real camera. The motion blur in Lumion 4.0 raises the bar on reality simulation.


Effortlessly create accurate reflecting surfaces. This feature is very useful for glossy floors, mirrors and many other reflecting surfaces. Accurate reflections can be enabled by defining planes in the scene. All surfaces in the defined plane will then automatically display accurate reflections.


Global illumination

Make more realistic renderings than ever before with brand new global illumination lighting! This feature simulates light bouncing off surfaces. When light hits a surface, a part of the light bounces back and illuminates nearby surfaces. This sophisticated extension of the lighting algorithm is an easy way to enhance the level of realism in your visualizations. By enabling global illumination, images look warmer and more natural. And the additional subtle color tones enhance the overall look of images and movies.

Text and Titles

Turn your videos into a complete presentation by adding Text and Titles. You will be amazed at how quickly you can add fantastic looking titles and 3D text objects to transform your movie into a fully-fledged presentation. There are many combinations of styles and transitions available and you can even add your own custom logo.

Creating introductions, credits, annotations and text overlays will take just a few mouse clicks. The 3D text feature is especially interesting if you want to add text information to specific locations in your movie. You can also intuitively adjust the settings to make your 3D text fade in and out of view as you fly through your scene.


Lens Flare And Camera Effects

Lumion 4 includes new algorithms to simulate real world camera optics. A new lens flare effect simulates the response of real lenses on bright areas of the images and even has the ability to simulate lens imperfections.

Lumion 4 also has Direct Metering functionality, which means that it is now much easier to get properly exposed images. Bright areas such as snow, fog and lighter materials will now be automatically optimally exposed.


Volumetric Sunlight

Volumetric Sunlight is the kind of light that seems to hang in the air itself. This is an effect that looks something like a ray of mist with light streaming through it. It can easily be switched on and off in Lumion 5.0 and its characteristics can be adjusted with a slider to give you the exact level you are looking for. This effect is categorised as a ‘weather’ effect but can equally well be applied indoors to help add atmosphere and breathe life into a space.

Sun Study

Select your location on the Earth and your time and the new Sun Study feature puts the sun in the right place in the sky to give you a realistic impression of the light and shadows in your scene by correctly setting the light direction.

Artistic Effects

Oil Painting Effect

This effect is a jaw-dropping addition to the range of artistic effects in Lumion. Switch it on with a single click and watch your scene transform itself into a smooth-flowing oil painting. Users of Lumion will already be familiar with effects like “sketch” and “paint”, which help provide an artistic flavour to your images and films. The oil painting effect is another one in the ever-broadening palette that Lumion provides.

Pastel Sketch Effect

Another super artistic effect for use in stills and animations. Depending on the settings you choose, it can make your scene look something like a chalk or a pastel sketch. It’s another feature to help you breathe life into ideas and present them in an attractive and conceptual way to colleagues or clients. Use it together with the volume lighting and produce a dreamy effect for your interiors.

Analogue Color Lab

Tweaking color shades can instantly change the feel of a scene. The new Analogue Color Lab in Lumion 5.0 allows you to tune the coloring within your scene to give it a kind of ‘instagram’ look, which can have a great artistic impact.

Blueprint Effect

The blueprint effect is especially useful for animations. You can begin a clip with your scene looking like a blueprint drawing and then gradually fade in the colors and materials and watch your animation come to life.

Material Highlight Effect

It is often important to highlight certain materials in your renders or animations, so that they stand out more clearly relative to everything else. For example, pipes, paths or specific surfaces. The new Material Highlight feature allows you to do this quickly, attractively and easily.

Hyperlight® in Photo Mode

Lighting can make or break the impact of a still image. Hyperlight® provides a great boost in the quality of lighting in your stills. Hyperlight® was developed using unique in-house technology and is a physically-based method of incorporating light reflections into a scene. Hyperlight® can be especially effective in making attractive images of building interiors. It looks fantastic and adds a whole new ambience to your renders.


Effects - Specifications

Lumion Effects

Description Lumion® Lumion® Pro
  Standard version of Lumion with most features and some content. Ideal for freelancers and small companies. Professional version of Lumion with all features and content. The optimal solution for professional visualization studios.
Movie Effects
  • 2-Point perspective
  • Sun study
  • Titles
  • Cartoon
  • Global Illumination
  • Smart sharpen
  • Painting
  • Depth of field
  • Lens flare
  • Watercolor
  • Sketch
  • Manga
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Handheld camera
  • Contrail
  • Fisheye
  • Chromatic Abberations
  • White Balance
  • Selective Saturation
Special effects: 101 effects
  • 3 Examples of falling leaves
  • 48 Examples of fountains and "water walls"
  • 16 Examples of fire effects
  • 20 Examples of smoke effects
  • 5 Examples of dust effects
  • 6 Examples of fog effects
  • 6 Examples of steam effects


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