Object library

New Trees and Plants

Lumion’s native greenery is forests ahead of any other product out there. Lumion 5.0 comes complete with around 900 trees, plants and vegetation clusters, including 178 new plants and trees from around the world, all developed for, or optimised to work perfectly with Lumion, making Lumion an even more global product through its increased local relevance.


Real Grass

Grass often adds a new dimension to the beauty of an outdoor scene. But the natural beauty of grass has traditionally been so difficult to achieve in rendered images and movies, that it has eluded almost all software up until now. A flat green-colored surface or a picture of grass is about the best that can be achieved with traditional software. Lumion 4.0 changes all that. Now you can have real grass! Grass that sways in the wind and which can be enhanced by adding rocks, leaves and flowers. The result is a convincing grass landscape, achievable with a just a few intuitive mouse clicks.

Falling leaves and Autumn Colours

A new effect allows you to add falling leaves to your scene for dramatic effect in autumn scenes. Together with the new vegetation colour controls and the snow effect you can now place any scene into any season.

Latest Lumion adds another level to this functionality by allowing you to tweak the colour of all plants and trees. With little effort, landscapes can be transformed by autumn shades and hues. This effect combined with the ‘falling leaves’ function can create a wonderful Autumnal landscape.




New People

Lumion has become popular around the world in many cultures. This needed to be reflected in the characters in available in the people library. Big steps were made in Lumion 4.5 and with Lumion 5.0, another huge step has been made with an extra 62 animated characters representing various cultures from around the the globe. They include, Middle-Eastern, African and East Asian. 43 of the animated 3D characters were created by the highly reputable AXYZ Design, All new items have been chosen to better cater for International and cultural needs.

New Skin Rendering

Very often subtle changes in the skin tone make characters that look more lifelike. Lumion 5 incorporates a new way of rendering skin and facial features of people.

This adds an uncanny realism to the individuals that you place in your scene


The content library in Lumion 4.0 adds several hundred extra objects to the already-huge content library.

The new objects include people, buildings, plants, trees, indoor & outdoor items, emergency vehicles, boats, trains and other items. Notably, the plant library has been extended with many more models of flowers and ground plants.

In trying to cater for different geographies and cultures, some new tree species and people have been added, and the new tree clusters in the library, allow you to quickly build wooded or forested landscapes.

Most noteworthy is the addition of many new high quality plant and tree models. The new models come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look more realistic and beautiful than ever before.

The new tree clusters will let you populate an area with dense forest in seconds. We have also created a whole range of new animated 3D people in a variety of everyday poses. For instance, people in swimsuits lounging in the sunshine, people who are reading a newspaper or using a laptop computer and so on.

Ocean (Improved!)

The ocean was always a strong feature of Lumion but in Lumion 4.0, it gets even better! New algorithms are based on models which accurately describe the way sunlight and reflections bounce off water. The result is a realistic and beautiful ocean.

3D Sound

Add 3D ambient sounds to your scene to enhance the overall experience. The advantage of 3D sounds is that they adapt the sound volume, pitch and direction according to the position of the camera. The rich new Sound Library makes it easy to create the perfect sound stage by providing a wide variety of ambient sounds. For example sounds of thunder, rain, crowds and much more.

Text and Titles

Turn your videos into a complete presentation by adding Text and Titles. You will be amazed at how quickly you can add fantastic looking titles and 3D text objects to transform your movie into a fully-fledged presentation. There are many combinations of styles and transitions available and you can even add your own custom logo.

Creating introductions, credits, annotations and text overlays will take just a few mouse clicks. The 3D text feature is especially interesting if you want to add text information to specific locations in your movie. You can also intuitively adjust the settings to make your 3D text fade in and out of view as you fly through your scene.

Materials Library

New Physically-Based Materials

Excellent materials are vital when you need to create convincing visualizations. The Lumion material library has been extended and vastly improved.More than 120 new materials have been added taking the total to well over 600 available materials. But not only this. All the materials in the library have undergone a conversion process and are now all ‘physically-based’ which means the materials look better and more realistic than ever before.

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is a method for calculating how light reacts to a surface and is based on the physics of the interaction between light and a surface. The result is a more realistic looking material.

There are several completely new categories of material, namely plastic, leather and rock. All of the previously existing material categories (20 of them) have many extra materials available.

These new physically-based materials, combined with the new, more intuitive, materials interface is a great leap forward, enabling users to find exactly the textures that they are looking for, simply and quickly.

Video Textures

In Lumion, you will be able to use MP4 files as video textures. This opens up a whole range of possibilities. For example animated advertisement signs, working TVs and projector screens for concerts.

Content - Specifications

Lumion Content

Description Lumion® Lumion® Pro
  Standard version of Lumion with most features and some content. Ideal for freelancers and small companies. Professional version of Lumion with all features and content. The optimal solution for professional visualization studios.
Model library


  • Plants and trees (affected by wind)
  • Transport models (Cars, busses, boats etc)
  • Exterior models (Street furniture, buildings etc)
  • Interior models (Furniture, decoration etc)
  • Animated adults (Walk cycles or idle animations)
  • Animated animals (Birds, farm animals, pets, fish)
  • Children (not animated)
  • 3D people & animal silhouettes
  • 3D animal silhouettes
  • 2D people silhouettes
901 models
View library
2703 models
View library
High quality animated characters   75
High quality animated 3D people from aXYZ design   60
3D Sound Effects


  • Ambient sounds (nature, locations, etc)
  • People
  • Things (Cars, machines, etc)
Title effect styles 14 basic styles 27 styles
Material library: 518 materials


  • 523 stock materials
  • 50 terrain materials
  • 9 customizable material types (water, glass, billboard, lightmap etc)
Environment & Weather


  • 28 Landscape types
  • 6 Water types
  • Customizable weather (Cloud cover, sun position etc)
  • 1 Ocean with waves slider, turbidity, color etc
  • 1 Waterfall material


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