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express tools

Sometimes it is the little differences that make all the difference. Besides AutoCAD-compatible drawing functions, GstarCAD provides a great quantity of unique and featured functions, which greatly satisfy users from various industries.

AutoXlsTable - Data Interaction between Excel and Drawing

The unique function of AutoXlsTable not only makes it possible to insert any Excel table to an opening drawing by a simple click, but also to build data interrelation between original Excel table and the drawing.


CAD Table to Excel

This function able to export any table from GstarCAD to Excel sheet as simple as "select + enter". The table in GstarCAD can be AutoCAD native table or the table drawn manually with combination of lines and text.

Drawing Compare

Drawing compare is an exclusive function that allows compare two drawings, and display the results of the comparison by different colors. Drawing compare support a range of trackable items like styles and block attributes to get accurate comparison.

Batch Purge

This tool allows to batch purge the unused items such as blocks, layers, linetype, dimension or text style on several DWG files. This tool does not need to open files one by one, it executes the command of purge directly.

Drawing Lock - Against Editing

Protects CAD drawing files in that recipients will not be able to change or even see valuable contents, while concurrently continues to work with locked drawing files by add new object by 3rd party.

Align Tool

This tool can align selected objects along X or Y axis coordinates, avoiding perform move command. This tool has different alignment methods and includes offset option for each axis.

Pline Boolean

Union, Intersection and substraction for closed polyline and circle.

Delete Duplicate Objects

Delete duplicate objects is well known as overkill command and it removes duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs, polylines, blocks, mtexts, dimensions and regions.

Arrange Tool

This tool can quickly adjust the arrangement (vertical or horizontally) of multiple selected objects and it has different arrangement methods including spacing option for column and row.


An agile tool that can automatically search the boundary of complex shapes by selecting multi close regions, the command line will add the current region value and area sum sequence faster in real time.

Layout by Path

This tool distributes object copies along a path (curve) with a variety of array options. Users can choose random, division and measure options and array an object in different directions along the path.

Spline to PLine

With this tool the spline created can be converted to a polyline according to the accuracy (number of segments of the arc) that the user assigns. More specified segment number is, higher matching degree between the Polyline converted.

Line to Polyline

This function can convert one or multi connected straight line(S), arc(S) as one polyline

Change Text

Change text allows users to make massive modifications to several texts. Users can modify alignment, height, width, position, rotation, style and content of several texts simultaneously.

Text Incremental Copy

Copy text while increasing the selected number or letter in the text pursuant to predefined rule.

Text on Line

Insert text in selected line and automatically break (or not break) the line at the insert position.

Text Match

A specific tool to match both Mtext and text properties such as content, color, height, angle, align, layer, width factor and style in the current drawing, avoiding select and edit text attributes one by one.

Text Align

This tool is used to align text or Mtext. You can select several Mtext in your drawing to align along X or Y coordinates, or along a line of specific direction by selecting two points as a reference.

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