Custom / Extensions

Latest GstarCAD has adopted Unicode to write and compile programming and is able to open drawings that contain multi-language texts or without the system default language, in order to satisfy across-languages, text conversion, and processing requirements.

The user interface customizations do not involve in programming, with the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor, you drag a command to a menu or toolbar or right-click to add, delete, or modify a user interface element.


Drag & Drop Customization

An innovative way to customize user interface must be easy and quickly according to user needs, so this is possible by drag and drop action, that means users can drag any command from the command list and drop it into workspaces elements like ribbon panels and toolbars that are visible at top right corner of the CUI dialog box. Users will not have restrictions to place anywhere or even arrange a preferred command on a panel or toolbar.

Other Customization

Work faster with stardard GstarCAD keyboard shortcuts, To add a new custom shortcut key or to edit an existing one, go to the Manage tab and Shortcusts Customize, it allow you wish to assign to your new or edit shortcut key from the list.


Extensive Integration Possibilities by API

GstarCAD enhances the API compatibility GRX (for C or C++ applications) with plenty of newly added functions that helps to develop hundreds of value-added solutions and automate everyday routine tasks in no-time. Besides, a new LISP engine makes the running speed of LISP programming faster than any other competitive CAD systems. GstarCAD also offers VBA, you can run many programs originally created for use with AutoCAD. GstarCAD 2015 now support .net API, with the NETLOAD command, you can load .net application easily.

Lisp / Vlisp / VBA

The LISP rewriting performance is 5 to 10 times faster as well as porting APIs; the graphic display speed comes in action when highlighting objects, zoom in/out, pan and endless operations either basic or complex. According to the company, the increased graphic speed is due to the new technologies inside of latest GstarCAD.

Directly read VLX file and directly loaded to run FAS file. APIs Besides the new implementation of LISP Debugger, a number of VBA functions have been rewritten and optimized in latest GstarCAD. LISP Debugger - Brand-new lisp Degugger interface allows easier LISP programming

Fully compatible with AutoCAD. By loading VBA application source based on AutoCAD platform and simply replace "Acad" with "Gcad", it is able to run on GstarCAD platform.

In latest GstarCAD, compatibility and reliability of Lisp and V - lisp are further strengthened, and 4 classes of VBI are newly added as well, such as GcadHyperlinks, GcadHyperlink, GcadPlot and GcadTable, which make GstarCAD more compatible with that in AutoCAD.

GRX Runtime (ARX compatible)

Improved compatibility between GstarCAD and third-party developed software also has been implemented, GRX - interface provides a high degree of compatibility with ARX. Developers only need to simply adjust and recompile the source codes without changes to the code to transplant application software originally developed on AutoCAD platform to GstarCAD.

.Net Framework Support

GstarCAD .NET API enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages and environments. Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.

IDE (integrated development environment) for LISP makes it more convenient to program and debug LISP code. In addition, a number of VBA functions have been rewritten and optimized in GstarCAD.

more power for developers

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