Data Takes Standardised


It simple and very easy to use browser. Open it and browse to a file; there you can extract styles, layers, blocks, layouts, and more. Expand the list to see what is in the file for you to "borrow", select the items you want, and drag them to your current file.


Eliminate productivity killers and become more productive by using Tool Palettes , in GstarCAD TOOL PALETTES, it provides the flexibility to have quick access to Drawings, Tools, and Commands etc.


Inter-relation, Block re-use and associated object

Blocks are like object grouping, any is a collection of all line and arc entities that form a selectable object. Any changes you made to it are replicated across all instances of that object in the design drawing. With block attributes are added onto the block definition, we can simply describe them as user editable texts. Every copy of the same block within a drawing may have different attributes.

In the Block Attribute Manager, you can edit block definitions, Changes are applied to all existing instances of the block as the block definition is edited. And changes only made to block definition, and will be applied to future instances when they are inserted.

Check and edit the attributes of blocks in current drawing and apply the change to related block reference by running "battman"

refedit - with GstarCAD it is possible to switch between editing external reference or not.


Define two colours. one for VP

Layer Properties Manager

Improved Layer Properties Manager provides more concise interface which can display tree structure of layers and filters of a drawing. With it, you can add, delete or rename a layer more visually. Latest GstarCAD supports to set different VP color, VP linetype, VP linewidth for viewports at layout space that makes layout settings be super flexible. Not only the operation at layer manager is faster, but also the speed to lock/unlock layers is enhanced.


Inspect and Modify

Properties Manager able to controlling objects with gather information at a glanc by clicking an object, the properties of an object include many of the object's geometric values, such as the radius of a circle or coordinates of the endpoints of the a line. Propoerties also include colors, linetypes, and layer assignments.

Drawing Recovery Manager

Drawing Recovery Manager work as rescue tool for important project due to a power surge, the computer restarted or the program terminated unexpectedly./span>


Sheet Set Manager

Managing large sets of drawings manually can be complicated and time consuming. With the Sheet Set Manager, you can manage drawings as sheet sets plus manage and edit data, automate drawing set up, provide easy access to department drawings, simplify publishing/printing of the entire design set (or any part thereof).

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