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Geometry Creation, Make a great design of your ideas

Geometry Creation

Geometry creation is fundamental when start drafting. You can start drawing with the most popular 2D geometry creation commands supported in GstarCAD like lines, polylines, splines,

Hatch and Superhatch

Hatch allows quickly fill an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill. And superhatch offers more filling pattern options for get a more realistic drawing representation.

Concentric circle

Concentric option is added in command circle. You can use this option input several radius one by one to create many concentric circle after specify the circle center.

Rectangle oblique

Angle (A) option is new added to Line command. User can complete drawing Line or Pline by first inputting (A) option and then inputting the angle value which refers to X axis or any other reference line. The command is simplified. Oblique (O) is a new added option to draw an oblique rectangle. By selecting option (O), you can draw an oblique rectangle which has certain angle with X axis or any other existing line in the drawing.


Equidistance(E), segment divide(I), path(P) option are added in Copy command, which can realize the function of multiple copy of certain objects. For example, input command Copy, choose P option, and then select the curve that needs to be copied, input segment divide(I)and the number of copy, the multiple copy can be done in one time. No need of the array, layout by path or other commands.

Every Tool for Geometry-Accurate Selections.

Onscreen Xtra-Grips - Direct manipulate design editing

Valuable extra grip to aviod the dreaded PEdit comand, Just drag the nifty grips to modify design, everything literally snaps into position


Object Grip Edition (Polyline Enhancement)

Polyline objects in GstarCAD 2016 now support multifunctional options. The available functions (Stretch, Add Vertex, and Convert to Arc) can be seen by hovering over a grip, and you can choose an option directly from the context menu that appears. You can cycle through the available functions by pressing CTRL, or choosing one of the options from the right‐click menu. Icons next to the cursor indicate the active function.


Select Similar

Select similar controls which properties must match for an object of the same type to be selected. Use this command to quick select objects when your drawing is crowded of objects.

Object Highlight

When you move the mouse cursor upon a drawing entity, the entity is highlighted to help you select the desired object quickly and accurately.

Advanced Features - Every Designer will Appreciate

Dynamic Block & Block Editor

Dynamic Blocks saves time and standardize drawings with ease, no redraw repetitive standard components, and reduce cumbersome block libraries in the process, create and modify in block editor.


Object Hide/Isolate

Directly Hide or isolate drawing objects quickly as required. Possible to turn on/off drawing objects regardless of layer to save time in tracking objects, without considering in what layers they are.

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