GstarCAD reinvented to work even better with AutoCAD. Now, more features are supported, including all drawing entities, text and dimension style, dynamic block, attribute and more.

and each update adds greater compatibility. It's never been easier to take an AutoCAD drawing file and open it into GstarCAD. So you can keep the work flowing.



GstarCAD makes easy to share your drawing with colleagues, and customer.

it's dwg compatible.

GstarCAD supports dwg formats (R12-2015), including *.dws (drawing standard) than not only ensures compliance of your older drawing data but also avoids complications of cleaning and converting.

Open CAD file

Work with standard AutoCAD resources file

Whether you customize an existing User Interface (CUI, CUIx), Drawing hatch pattern (PAT), Line type (LIN), Dimension Style (DIM), Plot Style (CTB, STB) in AutoCAD or creating an entirely new setting, you can share the results among GstarCAD and AutoCAD users, even if they down't have AutoCAD installed on their workstations, just send them a small setting file and have them copy it to the appropriate folder.

Unified Import

Use the simple interface to import from all sources, including all drawing file format, ACIS and 3D Studio (3ds) model thru external hard drivers, and network location.

DGN File Format Implementation

GstarCAD 2016 continuously improves its compatibility. This version has implemented the full DGN files support and related commands such as DGNIMPORT, DGNATTACH, DGNADJUST, DGNMAPING, etc. Now you can import and attach as underlay a Microstation native format.

PDF Underlay

You can reference and place a PDF as underlay in drawing files the same as you do raster image files. You can adjust the underlay properties like contrast, fade, monochrome, and colors for background. GstarCAD 2015 support the insertion of one page or many pages from the PDF file.

Underlay Object like PDF / DWF Underlay Possible to insert, view, and snap to the data in CAD drawing without being able to edit it.

Data Extraction and Interaction

Drawing Table to MS Office® Excel

CAD to Excel function is fast, easy and direct transformation of drawing tables to excel sheet.


AutoXLS table are natural at math

By using AutoXlsTable, complicated table drawing becomes extremely easy and simple. Statistics like quantity of blocks, length or area of certain kind of entity in the table is possible to be interrelated to current drawing. Any modification made to the drawing (like deleting a block) automatically updates the table and keep it always consistent with the drawing.


Data Extraction - Eattext

The new added Eattext command can not only extract block attribute, also the object’s general attribute, for example the area of circle or square. The operation is easy to use and can extract files in various formats including *.xls.

Attach an User friendly and design anyway

Attach XREF

External references like DWG, DWF, DWFX, PDF and raster images can be opened, inserted and managed from the external reference palette. When you attach a drawing file as an xref, you link that referenced drawing to the current drawing. Any changes to the referenced drawing are displayed in the current drawing when it is opened or reloaded.

Communication by design

You can easily add raster image, OLE object (charts, shapes, tables or more), Windows Metafile, and Drawing Exhange binary. And everthing snaps into perface alignment, thanks to thr on-screen dynamic inputs and alignment track guides.

Raster Data Insert

Newly support formats such as: CALS-1 (*.cal,*.mil,*.rst,*.cg4), RLC, GEOSPORT(.bil), PICT(.pct/.pict), IG4, Autodesk Animator(.fil/.flc).

Improvement of memory control to enable multiple raster files processing without increase of memory

Precision improvement of plotting

Performance enhanced in large Raster data processing


Programming and Customized


GstarCAD’s GRX API provides software written for AutoCAD’s ARX API that can run on either without changes to the code.. A number of GRX parameters have been added into GstarCAD to easily transition AutoCAD ARX to GstarCAD GRX. Plug-ins of LSP/FAS/VLX can be directly run on GstarCAD and compatible to AutoCAD.


.Net Framework Support

GstarCAD .NET API enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages and environments. Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.

Get the design out

Teaming up with someone who uses other CAD software? GstarCAD it simple for everyone. You can save or export GstarCAD drawing as 3D DWF, DWFx, Metalfile (WMF), ACIS (SAT), Lithography (STL), Encapsulated PS (EPS) and etc.

Standard OCF Convertor

Standard OCF Convertor is equipped in GstarCAD 2012 to make easier drawing data transformation for GstarCAD Mobile Client (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) from dwg compatible files.


Cloud Storage

Collaborative capability between different fields like design, engineering, and project team work together efficiently thanks to cloud storage support. View and share data in cloud using desktop and mobile devices will be possible.

If you have any further questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please do not hesitate to contact us.