With our Certified Professional instructors, you are guaranteed a great learning experience.

We believe that every command in a software program is like a tool. Some tools you use every day while others are power tools. Some, you might only use on specific projects ( Success Implementation Consultancy). The challenge with software is to become aware of those tools and to figure out which will help you the most.

Certifications and professional development

Have you ever attended a class where the instructor didn’t know the software, didn’t understand your technical questions or didn’t understand what you do?

We have certified professionals and experienced trainers who translate the technology into everyday language, increasing your productivity for your business. If the training is on-site and custom, we’ll even use data from one of your current projects so users get real life project training exposure.

For designer and draftman, Our courses are designed to increase your proficiency in the CAD software and Lumion architectural visualizations solution. These in-depth, interactive, and high-energy courses will provide you with ideas and solutions for the many designer challenges you face every day.

A few important points:

  • All of our courses are available as Classroom (LIVE) and/or Teamviewer Metting (LIVE-ON-LINE).
  • All  courses are in English unless noted otherwise……(some courses are available in Chinese and Malay).
  • We also offer custom on-site training where we can use data from one of your current projects, so users get real life project training exposure.

For further information on Training, give us a call (+603.7876.1336) or send us an e-mail:,  You’ll be glad you did.




If you have any further questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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