GstarCAD, which latest core technology independence

but also enhanced the speed, stability and compatibility greatly, delivering to CAD software users a new user interaction experience.

The latest GstarCAD is a brand new CAD platform powered by a completely new engine and a number of innovative technologies to make its graphic speed and user design experience from 3 to 5 times faster while drastically reducing graphic data and memory occupancy around 40%-50% less than any other CAD product of the same category. What’s more, this platform offers a new internal structure that gives big room for further performance improvement.



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*.dwg ™ format support

GstarCAD supports *.dwg/.dxf format data of different versions (R2.5 - 2013) that not only ensures compliance of your older data but also avoids complications of cleaning and conversion it.

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Speedier in Drafting processing

GstarCAD is a powerful drafting processor that gives you everthing you need to design for your operation requests and habits. And even work effortlessly with designer who use AutoCAD®.



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Powerful Design Organization

Today's designer deals with more formats and styles than ever before,  GstarCAD helps you handle it all with ease, offering a streamlined import interface and dynamic new ways to organize you resources.

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Plot and publish

Print your drawing in a paper. Or a new size. Or a portable electronic copy. Just select your drawing and click plot to get started in GstarCAD.



Seeking Superior Stability since GstarCAD 8

Previous versions of GstarCAD were based on an architecture of overlapping functional modules, which made it difficult to pinpoint the source of bugs and other problems. This arrangement had a negative effect on stability.

In GstarCAD8, in contrast, the functional modules do not overlap — the new modular architecture can be likened to the cells in a honeycomb, instead of the petals in a rose. According to Gstarsoft, this arrangement makes it much easier to locate the source of errors and fix them without affecting other modules, preventing functional interlock that can cause the system to crash. In addition, a new command-management mechanism reduces conflict by keeping commands in order. "The stability of the product has been improved a lot," affirmed Vice-President Liang Jiang.



GstarCAD on the Horizon (interview by Cyrena Respini-Irwin,

In the future, Meiyu explained, Gstarsoft will transition away from its low-price strategy and provide more niche market solutions, such as the forthcoming GstarCAD Server, a solution for companies that wish to establish private clouds. The platform product, however, "is still the most important business for us," he noted.

In the two decades since its inception, Gstarsoft has worked hard to catch up in a CAD industry where China was a latecomer. "We lagged behind other countries by 20 years," said Liang Jiang. Lu added, "We also want to work for another 30 years; the release of GstarCAD8 will set a new starting line for us." 






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.dwg and .dxf for AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2014
GstarCAD Academic is similar in functions and features as the Professional intended for non-commercial and academic use only. GstarCAD Academic prints with a watermark on 4 sides of your paper.
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RM 5'500.00 RM 5'225.00 (RM 5'538.50 inc GST)
GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 simplifies mechanical design work to help you create and revise drawings faster.
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RM 2'600.00 (RM 2'756.00 inc GST)
.dwg and .dxf for AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2014
  • Most feature packed version
  • 2D and 3D drafting functions
  • Limitless possibilities
  • Full featured import and export options
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RM 2'200.00 (RM 2'332.00 inc GST)
.dwg and .dxf for AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2014
  • Great features
  • Complete 2D functions
  • Limitless possibilities
  • Full featured import and export options
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RM 700.00 RM 400.00 (RM 424.00 inc GST)

*optional and integratable to GstarCAD 2012 EX, 8 and 2015, either Standard or Professional version.

PDF2DXF functionality are tightly integrated add-on to GstarCAD called PDFtoDXF. This function significantly expands the scope of the applicability by enabling users to convert Adobe PDF format drawings directly into .dxf in GstarCAD.

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